I decided to put this up here... I just need my time.. and until my laptop isn't back I cannot do shit with my blog and all because all the data and all is in my laptop and I don't have it anymore bc of reasons. Second thing is that even if I'd like to rp I still want to kinda improve and all you now, you learn from mistakes and all. What happend with forced shipping and all in my case bc I am a beginner who really doesn't know shit about rping but still does it anyway. I didn't want to delete this blog idk why... but I want to but still I'll just put this up until I come back! So please bear with me I will post things you only can't see it on my blog. It's kind of a hiatus. Also I'd like to say thank you for sticking with me and Hello to my new followers! And don't worry! I will puplish post but as I said you can only view them on your dash... second is that I will still be messaging and roleplaying if I want to or well feel like it but I am not ready with my blog that's all..So i am sorry but I need my time and this year is just shit for me. I shouldn't have let someone know about my depressions and all nor should I have already killed myself in the case so that no one would get hurt nor have met me, it would be all over if I already would did that. But no, I just keep going with the pain well okay changing topic. It's just well have a good day/night whatever please keep going! P.S you can also still send me messages! ^_^